The saying “God is in the details” is a bit overstated in its use, however the success or failure of any project is decidedly in ‘the details’.

CONima was founded on the principle that architecture is a representation of the ideals of the people who inhabit it. Therefore it is critical that we, as a firm, are not only capable of managing the design, engineering, budget, and scheduling complexities that are presented to us, but that we provide a consistent team structure for the duration of your project so that those details, and your success, do not get lost in translation to new team members.

Eric R. Parker, AIA founder & President of CONima Architects
As a manager for over $50M of construction projects throughout California and the southeastern United States, Eric has succeeded through his attention to detail and ability to follow through on all aspects of a project. He is constantly at work on various creative and entreprenurial pursuits ranging from photography and graphic design, to coffee roasting.
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